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Discussion on: Screw online coding courses

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I can certainly agree with the idea that you should only learn what you need - in order of importance.

I wonder if it's the "online" part that the problem - or the

constantly having to second-guess how the course is going to help me with that goal

or the

I’m still following a predetermined course structure, set by someone else who have no idea what my level of proficiency is (or lack of), what my larger goals are, what my learning style is like, and how best to help me address those things

It can feel very frantic. I've certainly wasted many nights and months trying to cram information. If the goal is "learning" - they you aren't going to be doing everything right - and I think that people want to leran to do everything the "Right" way - but that's not actually learning. The learning happens by doing the things wrong a lot, first.

What's your plan? What are the things in order of importance? Specifically to make products?

You can do that with no code too, right? Or a basic prototype - and then hire a team to build it once you get funding? You certainly don't need to become a programmer to design/build products.

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Jason Leow ~ Author

Yeah well said. I think beginners don't know what they don't know, so they follow along thinking they **should* learn to do it the 'right' way. I guess I needed to go through a few courses to come to that realisation that they weren't serving me and my goals.

Yep my plan was to make indie products. I don't really care if it's coded or nocode, or which tech stack I use, as long as it gets made. I often use nocode to launch MVPs. But I'm not closed to using code - I eventually learned how to code and built Lifelog. Still feel like a beginner though!