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Discussion on: What's in a Software Dev degree anyway?

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I like this question.

What is a "software dev degree" though?

If you have:

  • Your Computer Science degrees (which seem to really only have 3 months of web developement in the fourth year)
  • A User Experience / new media style art college that is likely less technical
  • An in person 3-month boot camp
  • An only boot camp
  • An only Udemy or other type of series/class that has "boot camp" in the title.

Are any of those a "software dev degree?"

Seems like the boot camps / when they aren't terrible - and even possibly accredited - are sorta a degree. But - really, I don't think one exists. And - I'm not just saying that to be pedantic. I've spent 10 years thinking about it / and the last 2 years developing what may soon be an accredited "Web design/web developement degree."

I'd love to hear more about your thoughts on this. And how it feels from a seeming Python focus.

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Vicki Langer Author

I don't think this is pedantic at all. Honestly, this is a great question. I think bootcamps have a lot of potential and I hate that so many of them fall short because their goals are in the money and not the people.

This software dev degree happens to be more Java-based. Much to my dismay, the first course is the only one with Python. Of the 8 classes, I think 6 of them require programming and actual application of code. This one is definitely not a basic CS degree. Though, it's also not a web dev degree either.

Honestly, I'd love to see some web dev degrees. I don't see why that couldn't be a thing. As long as it include accessibility, ui, ux, and the core concepts that seem to be missing from other learning material.