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Discussion on: Best Book for C++

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What types of subjects does it use to teach? C++ is used in games, right?

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You'll learn all the major features of modern C++, including:

Fundamental types, reference types, and user-defined types
The object lifecycle including storage duration, memory management, exceptions, call stacks, and the RAII (resource acquisition is initialization) paradigm
Compile-time polymorphism with templates and run-time polymorphism with virtual classes
Advanced expressions, statements, and functions
Smart pointers, data structures, dates and times, numeric, and probability/statistics facilities
Containers, iterators, strings, and algorithms
Streams and files, concurrency, networking, and application development
With well over 500 code samples and nearly 100 exercises, C++ Crash Course is sure to help you build a strong C++ foundation.

it teach about the foundations

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Ah. Well, all languages have most of those things. So - besides types and structures and logic, - what type of teaching style is it? Do you build example games? CRUD systems? What do you actually build with it? Because that seems like the most important thing - that will help people know if it's a good match for their learning style.