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Discussion on: [#CNC2022 Cohort 1 "Learn in Public"] Tell us about your "Learn in Public" plan!

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silvermanjonathan • Edited

1. What concept/project/series have you decided to take on for the duration of the "Learn in Public" challenge?

I decided to take on the challenge of creating dashboards.

2. Why did you pick this focus?

I had studied data science, to no avail. The hurdle for professional employment in data science is very high: a Masters or Phd. is required. When I search for less technical data jobs, like a data analyst, I read of responsibilities I know nothing about, like dashboard creation. This is my weakest link I want to improve, in the hopes I can find employment.

3. Why do you think sharing your journey in public will help others?

Sharing my learning journey might facilitate others creating a dashboard purely for themselves. Not just businesses, dash-boarding can be useful to individuals.
We create personal data all the time. Making a dashboard of our own personal data could give us insight into our lives.

4. Share the the title you landed on for the series you're going to create as well as the "entries" you anticipate creating/tackling.

The title of my series is called: Dashboarding For Fun.
The first post of the series will be "The Art of Dashboarding".
The second post will be "Sourcing Data for a Personal Dashboard".
The third post will be "Deploying a Dashboard Live"

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Marshall Ferguson

This sounds super interesting, looking forward to checking out your content about dashboards. Have you decided on a tool, like Tableau or Power BI, to focus on?

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I want to stay in the Python ecosystem. Therefore, I will use the Python library known as Dash.