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Discussion on: #CNC2021 "Code More" Pre-Mission Submission Thread

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  1. what has worked - I have finished Coursera's Machine Learning, with 98% roughly. The main reason for success is that I dedicated myself to it completely, maybe even at the cost of being with my wife. Three months of doing homeworks, actively taking notes, doing assignments. Also, Tim Corey's youtube series on .NET development about building Tournament Tracker App - I have done it by doing excercies half an hour a day, coding along with the videos, built the whole app, learned a lot, but later forgot much stuff because the course lasted several months for me.
  2. what hasn't worked - learning python on Udacity for several years, start for a few days, then didn't work on anything for a few months, than again, and again...
  3. Long term goal - to be able to build something from scratch, to sharpen my understanding of Machine Learning and Web Development.
  4. short term goal - learn React/Node/.