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Discussion on: #CNC2021 "Start Coding" Pre-Mission Submission Thread

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Junaid Hashmi

Hey everyone! I am Junaid, a Computer Science undergraduate and a beginner in the coding world from India.
I couldn't agree more with John about the 'imposter syndrome '. It's a hard feeling and it's also true that coding can be overwhelming sometimes. Firstly I was so confused since there are multiple niches in the Computer science domain like Web Dev, Machine Learning, Cyber Security etc. And it was hard to choose one so I learnt a little bit of one and got distracted and moved on to the second and ended up just touching the surfaces of each niche.
I procrastinated for about a year & learnt the importance of consistency the hard way.
Anyways, currently, I'm starting my web development journey and if you're a beginner like me, let's connect via Twitter. I look forward to beginning my journey with you all and hope you all reach your goals.