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4 Easy Ways Non-Coders Can Add Personality to a WordPress Theme

You might have purchased the template, installed it and checked all of your content inside of pages of your website. You website content is combined with new colors, fonts and peaceful white spaces. However it might look well.

Your website might be looking same as the content available on your theme demo. You might be thinking that your website is looking fresh and identical but it’s not true. There are hundreds and thousands of people who might be using same theme that you choose they also could have imported the same content on their website. However your website will no longer unique.

You might be thinking and irritated of selecting style and making your website identical. But if you are looking for easiest steps then these 4 methods will help you to personalize your premium WordPress themes.

Try custom fonts

If you are looking for something that will give instant new look to your website then custom fonts is a good idea. For every custom font to add on your website you do not need to pay for extra. Few years back font serving technology came into the role and they launch custom fonts. The custom fonts are very easy to use and add to your website.

Use persuasive and attractive images

The high quality premium WordPress themes generally focus more on content. They make a use of nice visuals, layout styles and white spaces to make your website content look attractive. If you want to add some more features to it then you can.

The templates also provide you a platform that accepts number of visual contents.

The visual content on your website will appeal your thoughts more than the simple text. But if you are looking to add images do not add images from Google or old images. Always try to add new ones.

Some tips are given below to select images properly

  • Make a use of conceptual images
  • Ensure to position images to underline your words
  • Add image style and make it use repeatedly
  • Drive attention with beautiful colors

One of the best things about premium WordPress themes is that you will get more choices to select colors. Changing the color and tone of subtitles will give a new look to your website pages and it will drive more attention of your website visitors. And this is most beautiful thing that you can do.

If you want to drive attention to your website information then you should make a use of accent colors. Accent colors play an important role on your website.

For example if your website color is blue then you should select red and orange color to make your website fonts more attractive. And if your website color is orange then you should choose blue color.

And this content should be followed by submit button. Or you can use some different accent colors to give a special announcement.

Format your website text
Once you are done with proper theme, images, colors and font’s selection, your website visitors will stop there and they will start to pay an attention. Thus your visitors will be able to drive to your words. Some tricks are given below that will help you to engage more visitors

The paragraph should be divided into small units
Website visitors usually do not want to read a long text. They will get soon get bored and frustrated therefore it would be better if you divide the paragraphs into small chunks to make it interesting and more readable.

Subheadings should be mentioned
Before reading complete paragraph, visitor will first search for sub heading to get an idea about your posts.

Make a list with bulleted points
While writing the sentences if you are in need of commons then you will need to make sure break the complete sentence into small with bulleted points to make it more readable and accessible.

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