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Discussion on: What's one bit of professional advice you'd give yourself from one year ago?

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Sheldon Stevens

Find what interests you and stick to it. My bootcamp was focused on full stack development and I had the HARDEST time shaking the mindset of " I have to know 30 languages really well, study them, practice them, understand them and implement them simultaneously.. HOW does anyone do that?!" Well short answer is they don't, not one person can know everything about any language. From the bottom to the top everyone has to look things up, remind themselves of certain things, ask questions and fail on a consistent basis. That's the only way in my opinion to truly be a successful developer :) I am now solely focused on front end development with minimal knowledge of backend and I couldn't be happier. Instead of being good at 30 things strive to be GREAT at maybe 4 or 5.