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C++ on MacOS-Help Needed

Hi everyone. My name is Steven and I hope someone will be able to help. I am relatively new to programming and have an older MacBook Pro running High Sierra and VSCode. I have been trying to learn C++ and have Clang installed as a compiler, but when i run even the most basic of programs, I receive an LLDB exited 134 error pop up box as well as a notification in the terminal which informs me of an 42 error. I get the reference(I’m a Sci-Fi Fan!) but I can’t seem to find a straight answer as to what either of these mean in a programming context. Stack Exchange can be useful but I find that more often than not, there are conflicting answers as to what the solution to a problem could be. I have also tried following the guide on the VSCode website but that doesn’t seem to work either. Is there a way for me to set up VSCode to use C++ and a compiler and have it just work? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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