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Discussion on: #CNC2021 "Code More" Pre-Mission Submission Thread

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Hey everyone! I'm super excited to join the challenge.

  1. what has worked - maintaining a record of what I learn everyday helps me keep motivated and be consistent. I feel happy and satisfied when I code and can also learn many new things!
  2. what hasn't worked - when I take a long break from a project and then return back to it, I find it really difficult to regain the lost momentum and end up not finishing it.
  3. long term goal - crack technical interviews
  4. short term goal - get comfortable and consistent with solving coding challenges.
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Anita Beauchamp

I too know the struggle of taking long breaks from a project! It can be quite disheartening.

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Gracie Gregory (she/her)

Consistency is such a great short-term goal when it comes to the larger objective of coding more! Great answer