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Start Of Something New

The start of something new. You know, like Troy and Gabriella said in High School Musical. Except that the thing that "feels so right" is not some fictional high school romance. Am I really trying to make a connection between my experience as a new coder and a song from a 2006 Disney Channel movie? Let's try this again.

Hi, I'm Sydnei! Three weeks ago, I officially embarked on my journey into tech and a journey is has been so far (in a good way). In only 21 days, I have learned how to develop basic websites using the HTML and CSS (and soon JavaScript). And I actually really like it! Sure, I am only in the beginning stages, but I am learning how important it is to celebrate the baby steps and the little wins. I do not have to be an expert to be proud of what I have done already.

I never envisioned this as a career for myself. In school, I disliked math and science and that led me to avoid STEM at all costs. Combine my disdain for the subjects with being neurodivergent, I was not confident in my capability at all either. So how did I get here?

STEM is obviously not just test tubes and math problems. What I love about this new, far-fetched interest of mine is that it is not that new or far-fetched. I may not have liked learning it in school, but I enjoyed a lot of it in life. I was a tech-saavy kid who was curious about how things were built. Anybody else think back to some of what they used to enjoy and realize they have been coding the entire time? Hello Neopets, Myspace, and Tumblr! You can definitely say that curiosity stayed with me into my adulthood.

When I came to the conclusion that this is what I really wanted to try for real, I was nervous to approach an industry I always felt intimidated by. I dove in headfirst, currently participating in two coding bootcamps: G{Code} and #100Devs. I am grateful to have two such welcoming and supportive communities, especially so early on in my tech career. I am excited to continue to be challenged and see where this journey takes me!

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