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Discussion on: #CNC2021 "Start Coding" Pre-Mission Submission Thread

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Hi everyone it's great to be here! My name is Taylor. I have learned the basics of HTML and CSS and I'm looking for a place to really get my feet wet in coding websites. I am currently taking a course to become a front-end developer. One point of the article that definitely struck me was the point about Imposter Syndrome being a reason for coding anxiety. Although I am very much new to the world of coding (and honestly I don't know if HTML and CSS count as programming languages) it has been fun yet challenging for me so far. The points about practice being important to the learning process is something I 100% agree with. I've been looking for places to practice my HTML and CSS and receive feedback from others. Throughout this journey, I just want to gain the confidence to start coding without being so afraid of messing up or that my code isn't exactly the same as someone else's.