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My Coding Orgin Story = Chaos

So, pick a language they say. Well for some of us it just isn't that easy. You could say I started coding in the 80's with Basic. I had goto loops scrolling for days. Since then I may have messed with some HTML in the late 90's, but not much.

Jump into the future, I've been a what I would call power user of PCs whether Linux or Windows on and off for a couple decades. I never really got much into code. In the late 2000's I heard of Why_the_Lucky_Stiff and played around with Ruby a little. But I never got much further than variables.

Jump forward again to just a couple of years ago, I'm already past my mid 40's and thinking of career change. Code seems like the way to go. I was blessed to get into the Vets Who Code cohort. Jerome Hardaway and the gang sure taught me a lot, but web stuff just really didn't trip my trigger. I couldn't maintain focus on it. Maybe the web didn't excite me.

This lack of interest in web had me playing with Python, Ruby, Rust, and Flutter/Dart. All of which, I don't get very far because I get distracted by one of the others. Maybe I have ADHD, who knows.

This is ridiculous right? How am I going to get to a level where I could find work. I don't think anyone wants to hire Johnny Jump Around. So as of late, I promised myself I was going to stick with Python. I would learn one language fairly well so I could actually have some reasonabley skilled stuff in my portfolio and on my resume.

Let me tell you, it is so hard for me to stick to this. After just a few days of learning I start wanting to go check out this new thing in Flutter or maybe I can get further with Rust (yeas, rust, I know).

I cannot be the only person like this. Do I have to buckle down to one language to start? Should I just settle on two? I know that would be harder, but maybe better than jumping between 3,4, or maybe 5. The insanity of it all!

What do you all do? Can anyone relate? Please share your story, your solution if you found it even.

I look forward to seeing everyone's input, hopefully it comes.

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