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Teara Peeples
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Trying to Figure It All Out. One Code at a Time!

Before starting the course for G{Code}, I had always gone back and forth with what I wanted to do career wise. My background is Accounting/Finance, which I love, but Tech is something that I always enjoyed learning as well. This course with G{Code} is my introduction to the coding world and it has been very enjoyable. I would hear about people coding, but I was not exactly sure what coding entailed. Since starting, I have found myself wanting to code all the time. Learning HTML and CSS has been very interesting, and this journey isn’t as scary as I thought it would be.

My goals for this class is to learn as much as I can and at the end decide if this is something that can see myself doing full time. So far, I am grateful to have been chosen to be apart of this cohort. Being in this class allows me to connect with others who are in the same position as myself. A lot of us are beginners to coding and that gives me reassurance that I am not alone. Also, the mentors that offer their time is greatly appreciated. This journey is just beginning for me and I will continue to gain more and more knowledge of this coding world!

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