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Discussion on: CodeLand 2021 Hallway — Day Two

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Sarah Dye

Hello! I'm Sarah and I'm a fullstack web developer from Canton, Ohio. I'm ready for day 2 of Codeland. I am especially looking forward to the open source talks. I am particularly looking forward to Tulio's talk about becoming an open source contributor.

My coding journey is still moving along. Right now I'm learning Ruby on Rails as I continue to look for web developer jobs. Once I have finished with Ruby on Rails, I'd like to learn Angular.js. Other than Ruby on Rails, I've been working on a presentation I'm giving for Girl Develop It next month, building a open source project I'd like to publish for Hacktoberfest next month, and getting ready to launch my own YouTube channel.

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Ayu Adiati

That's cool, Sarah!
Let me know when you launch your YT channel!