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Discussion on: [Keynote] Musical Lessons for Engineering Teams: Developing a Culture of Feedback Cycles

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Loreto E. Torres

I am passionate about music - particularly, singing as a tenor/bass. I remember how my fellow musicians in the church music group I used to belong give feedback to one another on the fly during practice. I just did not realize until now that such feedback loop applies in software development as well.

As I said in my intro to the community. I used to work in the “old era” of software development where I saw none of this at all.

I remember more a game of one-up-manship, whack-a-mole, or hide-under-the-rag approaches. But maybe, it is still the case. I’m just not in the development environment at the moment.

I am in the retail industry customer service and aiming at going back to software development.

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Helen Hou-Sandi Author

There are definitely different cultures in different places - solo piano is notoriously full of one-up-manship, for instance. But we all have to learn, at the very least, even if we don't become good teachers, so there's no escaping the feedback cycle completely.