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New holland 3630 Price in India - Tractorgyan

The New Holland 3630 tractor is a powerful, adaptable, and trustworthy machine made largely for farming and agricultural uses. A three-cylinder tractor with four wheels and 56 horsepower is what it is. It can perform a variety of farming tasks, including cultivating, harvesting, harrowing, and plowing. The loader of the New Holland 3630 can lift anything weighing up to 1,500 kg. With the aid of a rear hitch, it can also haul up to 4,000 kg of cargo. The tractor also features cruise control, which makes it simpler to operate at a consistent speed. The New Holland 3630 has been created to be simple to operate and maintain. The tractor is substantially simpler to maneuver because of its hydraulic power steering and independent suspension system. A spacious cab with movable armrests is another feature of the tractor that makes working long hours much more pleasant. The New Holland 3630 tractor is a dependable, strong, and long-lasting tractor. It has a 65-liter gasoline capacity and a 40 kph top speed.

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