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Commit12 //JavaScript React [Introduction]

No photo this time. Quick lesson! If you want to see some of my old photography go to

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What's React?

React is a JavaScript library that lets you build user interfaces or UIs.

React is popular because:

  1. Built for user interfaces
  2. Quick to load
  3. Open source

Getting to Know React, and Your Class Project

Rendering - the process of running the code you've written to create elements of the visual UI.

Virtual DOM - a lightweight JavaScript representation of the Document Object Model (DOM) used in declarative web frameworks such as React, Vue. js, and Elm. As the name implies, the virtual DOM is a much lighter replica of the actual DOM in the form of objects. The virtual DOM can be saved in the browser memory and doesn’t directly change what is shown on the user’s browser.

Open Source - content and code that anyone has access to download and modify at no financial cost.

Scenario Quiz: How React Can Be Used

The quiz was basically identifying which websites were good examples of react and which were not. I got them correct.

Imgur & Airbnb - YES
Wikipedia & Remoteyear - NO

Setting Up Your Workspace

Simple as that. I created a new project on

Here is the preview:

Screenshot of codesandbox project

Quiz: Get to Know React

Wrapping up this intro with a quiz. I got the answers correct, so not too much to discuss. On to the next module!

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