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πŸ‘‹ Hey CodeLand! We're Typesense and we want to help you build a Lightning Fast Search Experience

Typesense is a Fast, Next-Gen Open Source Search Engine built for speed and ease of use. You send some JSON documents to it and you get a REST API to do Full-Text Search with Typo Tolerance.

Another way to describe Typesense: it is an open source alternative to Algolia, and an easier-to-use alternative to Elasticsearch.

✨ Here's a demo we built to show you what's possible with Typesense - we indexed 2 Million Cooking Recipes in Typesense and built a search UI on top of it:

See it live here and here's the source code. Notice how search requests take lesser than 30ms even when searching through 2M records.

We are passionate about making it trivially easy for any engineer, regardless of seniority or experience, to build a fancy fast search experience for your site/app with minimal effort. We are excited to meet you at CodeLand and can't wait to see what you build!

πŸ“° Latest News

If you are a Firebase user, we launched an open source Firebase Extension to sync your Firestore data into Typesense automatically. See how to use it here:

GitHub logo typesense / firestore-typesense-search

Firebase Extension to automatically push Firestore documents to Typesense for full-text search with typo tolerance, faceting, and more

Firestore / Firebase Typesense Search Extension ⚑ πŸ”


A Firebase extension to sync data from your Firestore collection to Typesense to be able to do full-text fuzzy search on your Firestore data, with typo tolerance, faceting, filtering, sorting, curation, synonyms, geosearch and more.

This extension listens to your specified Firestore collection and syncs Firestore documents to Typesense on creation, updates and deletes. It also provides a function to help you backfill data.

What is Typesense?

If you're new to Typesense, it is an open source search engine that is simple to use, run and scale, with clean APIs and documentation. Think of it as an open source alternative to Algolia and an easier-to-use, batteries-included alternative to ElasticSearch. Get a quick overview from this guide.

βš™οΈ Usage

1. Setup Prerequisites

Before installing this extension, make sure that you have:

  1. Set up a Cloud Firestore database in your Firebase…

πŸ’¬ Want to know more about what you can do with Typesense? Let's chat!

If you have any ideas or projects in mind that require a search feature, and are wondering if Typesense can help, ask away in the comments below.

Also, we are a small team of engineers that worked on Typesense as a nights-and-weekends project for a long time, before we started working on it full-time. So we're happy to share our experience turning a side-project into a full-time company! Ask away.

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  • We plan to host a walk-through of Typesense just for CodeLand attendees at a later time.

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Remco Boerma

Thank you! I was just looking into Meilisearch and Algolia, typesense feels like an even better alternative!

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Jason Bosco

Thanks @remcoboerma ! Here's a comparison matrix that compares a couple of search engines with Typesense.

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Varghese Jose

Hi Typesense

jasonbosco profile image
Jason Bosco