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Discussion on: #CNC2021 "Code More" Pre-Mission Submission Thread

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Hello, everybody!
My name is Valters and I am fairly new to coding world. I am trying different things to learn and improve, so I am quite curious to see how this challenge will go.
I must admit, I feel a bit anxious about pressing the "Submit" button for this comment, but well - what's a challenge without some nerves, right? :) So, here it goes - my raw, unedited reflection on the pre-mission questions.
Successful coding experience:

  1. “Word guessing game”: o I managed to make a draft final version of the game o I was experimenting with concepts freshly learned o Learned about loops, EventListeners, etc. of JavaScript o I was happy that it was kinda working. o I had fun while working on it – I wanted to see if I can put in practice what I have learned and make something on my own. o I worked on it for a week or so. o I liked that I could see how do different concepts work in practice.
  2. Test writing for Visas Iespējas o I am doing some basic things, which I can understand o I am building on basic knowledge and tool given to me – learning to find answers on my own in documentation and online. o I have support system of VI programmers team. o I like to see the practical result of my work
  3. Website creating for “Turība” course. o I liked to see, that I can create something simple but more or less nice looking only after few months of learning programming o I liked that I could do things differently as taught in the course o It was my first experience of trying to create something from scratch. o I started to learn to look for answers online

Unsuccessful coding experience:

  1. Java Bootcamp: o I couldn’t see practical application of the language o The practice project was difficult and not really interesting for me o I didn’t know for what kind of help to ask o I did simple task for basically 1 week o I didn’t feel like I am doing something useful o I was in panic; I didn’t want to “pull down” the team o I didn’t sing up for some task which I could do, e.g JavaScript code for database/table field validation o The challenges we needed to solve involved more understanding of technologies, than programming language itself o I spent some of the time just being lazy o I was not excited by Java
  2. Following tutorials: o Mainly, I don’t finish them o I don’t know what to create with the things I learn o I stop following just before things are taken to the next step, become more difficult.

Long term goals (by the end of the year – in 8 months):
• Being able to earn most of my money by coding
• Being able to work most of the time remotely
• Working on creating websites
• I would like to be able to create a simple website for somebody else on my own
• I would like to work in a supportive team

Short-term goals
• Go to my Wordpress profile and actually create something
• Improve my test-writing skills
• Start learning more advanced concepts of JavaScript