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Begining javascript and react.

**Javascript is that angry girlfriend who gets angry at every small mistake but you can't leave her because you love her so much.

**It is such a beautiful language that u will almost fall in love with it, but at the same time it is so frustrating that you might drop the idea of learning it ๐Ÿ˜‚!Alt Text
Mastering javascript in in very short time is next to impossible to.

jvascript require dedication, javascript require patience.

Below i've shared some tips to increase your productivity and definitely learn some of the most interesting topics(as per my experience)โ€ฆ

How to learn more productively and efficiently(few tips below).

  1. Enrol in any javascript course on udemy
    (I'll recommend brad traversy this guy is a legend) or you can also try the free code camp javascript course - best to start with.

  2. The best way to increase your productivity is by practising, try completing some projects (javascript projects are bit complex at starting but they are all wroth it).

  3. Javascript/ python community are the best, make sure you join one, it would be really helpful.

  4. The most important one javascript is a very very weird man, it will frustrate the hell out of you so if youโ€™re stuck anywhere just calm yourself down it happens with everyone...

  5. Read codes of other programmer, people usually ignore this (when youโ€™re starting off) but reading documentation, codes are actually quite helpful

  6. watch some movies, got out for play, make gfs (hahaha)
    and thank me if it's helpful

And for REACT part you don't have to master/learn/love REACT, master javascript and REACT WILL AUTO FALL FOR YOU

One more thing The best time to learn javascript is now because the future belongs to Javascript, javascript is taking over the computer science world faster than any other language be it python, rust, kotlin, go etc.

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