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Discussion on: How can we make CodeNewbie better?

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Heiker • Edited

Needs some well defined sections. Not just tags, I don't think they are enough in here. Like a sections that's all about tutorials, another to ask for help, learn "x" from scratch, getting career advice, motivation... stuff like that. And there needs to be an obvious way to get to these sections.

If I'm a newbie that wants to ask for help, I want the site to literally guide me where I can do that (and how to do it right). Otherwise the only thing I can do is make a post and just hope that someone reads that.

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Good point

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Matt C • Edited
  • One suggestion for the Tutorial sections could be that the tutorials (for example) could be rated by most stars or most comments or likes.
  • Another idea is that tutorials could be given prizes for being the best written, or most complete or best ...
  • has some good content but One cannot find the most highly rated tutorial on x...
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Brenda Michelle

100% agree there should be an easy way on the main feed page where newbies can navigate to specific sections depending on what they are looking for based on the categories you provided