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How To Create Polls In WordPress With Formidable Forms Plugin

1. Install and activate Formidable Forms
The first thing to do is to install Formidable Forms. We have a free WordPress plugin, but to get the most out of your polls you'll need our basic paid plan.
You can try our plugin risk-free for 14-days. If you don't like it, we'll give you your money back - no questions asked. With our plugin, you'll be able to create polls in WordPress in just minutes.

2. Build and publish an online poll

Now that you've installed Formidable, let's create our poll form.
Go to Formidable → Forms and click + Add New at the top of the page.
Click + Blank Form. This will be our poll, so name it whatever you want and click Create.

Add poll fields

A poll usually consists of one question. It could be a multiple-choice question, or a yes/no question. This means that we really only need to add one form field to make this work!
In Formidable, this is pretty easy. Just drag and drop a Radio Buttons field from the left column into the form building area.
Then you just need to change the question and the multiple-choice responses in the Field Options section back in the left column.

3. Display the poll results in real-time

Now that your poll form is done, we need to adjust the settings. There are two things we want to do:
Change the poll button text
Display a graph of the poll results after voting

To change the text on the button, click on the Styling & Buttons tab in the left column of the form settings page. Then, change the text to "vote" or something like that.
To display a graph of the poll results after each vote, we'll need to insert a graph shortcode into the Messages section at the bottom of the General Settings.

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How To Create Polls In WordPress With Formidable Forms Plugin

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