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Explainer Template: Communcation for devs

This blog post is about communication during development process because it is important to have strong communication skills as well as always being respectful to your colleagues in any kind of situation.

To get the most out of this post, it’s best if you understand that communication within a developer team does not necessarily mean spoken communication but especially written one. You might also want to understand the concept of a git workflow, which I will explain in this post in detail.

This is an important topic because when working within a dev team it is key to understand each others position, that others are able to understand your code and you are able to understand others as well. You’ll most likely use this when creating pull requests, or writing comments in your code.

Git Work Flow and ways to communicate

This concept is like key as part of being a developer. If you think about how a relationship works, this is similar because if you and your partner do not understand each other, there will be no future for both of you together. The way of communication causes shared understanding in order to achieve a great workflow.

Each company or project has its own workflow. Commonly said, first, you will be working on your own branch and writing comments in you code, so future developers who never worked on the project before can easily understand what is going on as well. It’s important to make note of why you chose a certain way you wrote the part of code over another way, when the other way may not work. Next, it goes into the main branch by creating a pull request in order to get your code reviewed. It is important to describe the task you were working on in detail, what was expected, what and how did you achieve it, and write a description for the tester on how they can test your code. In case you are in the position of testing some others code, it is important that you describe your comments objectively. You may add some links on certain topics the developer could read more about it to help them understand, why your suggestions may would be the better option at this certain point.


Now that you’ve learned about communication and git workflow, take a look at how to create PRs and write comments in your code.

For more reading, checkout official GitHub docs, my account, and my twitter account.

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