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Python Tools to Try in 2022

The Python programming language is one of the most popular and in huge demand. It is free, has a large community, is intended for the development of projects of varying complexity, is easy to learn, and opens up great opportunities for programmers.

To work comfortably with it, you need special Python tools to simplify your work. We have selected the best Python tools that will be relevant in 2022.

Popular Python Tools to Try in 2022

Python tools make life much easier for any developer and provide ample opportunities for creating effective applications or sites. These solutions help to automate different processes and minimize routine tasks.

In fact, their functionality varies considerably. Some are made for full-fledged complex multi-level development, while others have a simplified interface that allows you to develop individual modules and blocks. Before choosing a tool, you need to define objectives and understand goals. In this case, it will become clear what exactly to use.


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Django is a free and open-source full-stack framework. It is one of the most important and popular among Python developers. It helps you move from a prototype to a ready-made working solution in a short time since its main task is to automate processes and speed up work through associations and libraries. It’s an excellent choice for an MVP or product launch.

You can use Django if at least a few of the following points interest you:

  • There is a need to develop the server-side of the API.
  • You need to build a web application.
  • In the course of work, many changes are made, you have to deploy the application and make edits constantly.
  • There are many complex tasks that are difficult to solve on your own, and you will need the help of the community.
  • ORM support is needed to avoid accessing the database directly.
  • There is a need to integrate new technologies such as machine learning.

Django is a great Python Web Framework that does its job. It is not for nothing that it is one of the most popular, and is actively used by millions of developers.

In addition to being excellent, Django is the best choice for small websites and scales well with business growth, which makes a perfect fit for online eCommerce marketplaces. Django can handle thousands of visitors simultaneously.


Django has quite a few advantages. It contains a large number of ready-made solutions, which greatly simplifies development. Admin panel, database migration, various forms, and user authentication tools are extremely helpful. The structure is very clear and simple.

A large community helps to solve almost any problem. Thanks to ORM, there is a high level of security, and it is comfortable to work with databases.


Despite its powerful capabilities, Django's Python Web Framework has drawbacks. It is very massive, monolithic. Therefore it develops slowly. Despite the many generic modules, the development speed of Django itself is reduced.


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CherryPy is a micro-framework. It is designed to solve specific problems, capable of running the program on any operating system. CherryPy is used in the following cases:

  • To create an application with a small code size.
  • There is a need to manage several servers at the same time.
  • You need to monitor the performance of applications.

CherryPy refers to Python Frameworks which are designed for specific tasks. It's clear, user-friendly, and ideal for Android development.


CherryPy Python tool has a friendly and understandable development environment. This is a functional and complete framework that can be used to build suitable applications. The source code is open, so the platform is completely free for developers, and the community, although not too large, is very responsive and always helps to solve problems.


There are not so many cons to this Python tool. It is not capable of performing complex tasks and functions, it is intended more for specific solutions, for example, for developing certain plugins or modules.


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Python Pyramid tool is designed for programming complex objects and solving multifunctional problems. It is used by professional programmers and is traditionally used for identification and routing. It is aimed at a broad audience and is capable of developing API prototypes.

It is used in the following cases:

  • You need problem indicator tools to make timely adjustments and edits.
  • You use several programming languages ​​at once;
  • You work with reporting and financial calculations, forecasting;
  • You need to create a simple application quickly.

At the same time, the Python Web Framework Pyramid allows you to create complex applications with great functionality like translation software.


Pyramid does an excellent job of developing basic applications quickly. It is quite flexible and easy to learn. In fact, the key to the success of this framework is that it is completely based on fundamental principles, using simple and basic programming techniques. It is minimalistic but, at the same time, offers users a lot of freedom of action. It can work with both small applications and powerful multifunctional programs.


It is difficult to deviate from the basic principles. This Python tool decides for you. Simple programs are very easy to implement. But to do something complex and large-scale, you have to immerse yourself in the study of the environment completely and obey it.


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Grok is a Python tool that works with templates. Its main task is to eliminate repetitions in the code. If the element is repeated, then the template already created earlier is simply applied. This greatly simplifies and speeds up the work.

Grok suits developers in the following cases:

  • If a programmer has little experience and is not yet ready to develop his modules.
  • There is a need to quickly develop a simple application.
  • The application's functionality is simple and straightforward, and the interface does not play a key role.


The Grok framework is a child of Zope3, which was released earlier. It has a simplified structure of work, easy installation of modules, more capabilities, and better flexibility. It is designed to develop small applications. Yes, it is not intended for complex work, but due to its functionality, it allows you to quickly implement a project.


The Grok community is not very large, as this Python tool has not gained widespread popularity. Nevertheless, it is used by Python adepts for comfortable development. It is impossible to implement complex tasks on it since the possibilities are quite limited.

Grok is one of the best Python Web Frameworks. It is understandable and has enough features for comfortable development.


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Web2Py is a Python tool that has its own IDEwhich, which includes a code editor, debugger, and deployment. It works great without configuration or installation, provides a high level of data security, and is suitable for work on various platforms.

Web2Py is great in the following cases:

  • When there is a need to develop something on different operating systems.
  • If there is no way to install and configure the framework.
  • When a high level of data security is required, for example, when developing financial applications or sales performance management tools.
  • If you need to carefully track bugs right during development and not during the testing phase.
  • If you want to build complex data workflows and create, modify, deploy, and manage applications from anywhere using your browser.


Web2Py can work with different protocols, has a built-in error tracker, and has a backward compatibility feature that helps to work based on previous versions of the framework. This means that code maintenance becomes much easier and cheaper. It's free, open-source, and very flexible.


Among the many Python tools, there are not many that require the latest version of the language. Web2Py is one of those and won't work on Python 3 and below. Therefore, you need to constantly monitor the updates.

Web2Py does an excellent job of its tasks. It is pretty simple and accessible to everyone.


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BlueBream used to be called Zope3 before. It copes well with tasks of medium and high levels of complexity and is suitable for working on serious projects.


The BlueBream build system is quite powerful and suitable for complex tasks. You can create functional applications on it, and the principle of reuse of components makes the code easier. At the same time, the speed of development increases. The software can be scaled, and a transactional object database provides an easy path to store it. This means that queries are processed quickly, and database management is simple.


This is not a very flexible framework, it is better to know clearly in advance what is required of it. In addition, it cannot withstand heavy loads. When working with 1000 users at the same time, it can crash and give errors. Therefore, it should be used to solve narrow problems.

Python frameworks are often designed for specific tasks. BlueBream is one of these and is suitable for applications where database management plays a key role.


Python tools come in different forms and have vastly different capabilities. Whether you're working on your pet project, blockchain project (where people can buy Litecoins) or just a regular work – you'll always find a suitable tool for yourself. There are quite a few of them, but in 2022 these will be the most popular and in demand. Experienced programmers always choose several development tools for their comfortable work.

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