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Code Creativity on the Canvas!

Hey folks - we've been having a great time making art, apps, games and gadgets on the HTML Canvas with JavaScript and ZIM. Come check it out at where we have ZIM Skool and ZIM Kids and many examples.


We have two online editors one in ZIM Kids and one called ZIM Lab. We will show you some quick code you can try out in either of the editors now...

ZIM Kids Editor - ZIM treats coding like magic!

Go to and type:

new Circle(100,red).center().drag();
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ZIM Kids has a bunch of fun, well-commented online tutorials with real code - call it one step up from Scratch. We treat coding like magic. Although, remember, ZIM is for everyone, right on up to absolute professionals! You will have room to grow.

ZIM Kids online creative coding tutorials and workshops for kids to teens and all!  You have to come to this site!


The Lab has built in ZIM examples or you can experiment with your own ZIM code at Try typing in:

new Emitter().center();
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ZIM Lab for experimenting with Interactive Media Coding


Would you like to try a tutorial that combines these? Pick one of the editors and follow along. Afterwards, we will show you more resources to help you learn to code in this fantastic, inclusive world for left and right brained learners.

These come from the intro tutorial on the new ZIM Discord channel - we are just getting started there as our founding community is at ZIM Slack.

Start image for tutorial with purple body

Tutorial Images 2 emitting purple circles from body!

Tutorial Images 3 with emitters moving with purple circle like some strange being!


ZIM Skool has all the lessons you will need to learn JavaScript with creative coding. There is also a connected video tutorial series called Learn JavaScript with Creative Coding that follows the same lessons as ZIM Skool.

Learn JavaScript with Creative Coding Videos

ZIM Skool creative coding lessons on the canvas

We would love to help teachers and students code creativity - any comments or questions are most welcome. I have been coding form many years winning the Canadian New Media Awards Programmer and Educator of the year awards and ZIM is just so much fun and powerful to use. We are consistently coming in at one third to two thirds the size of other frameworks due to the simplicity and treats you will find - yet the code is industry standard JavaScript. We hope you will join us!

Dr Abstract.

Author of Your Guide to Coding Creativity on the Canvas

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