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Discussion on: #CNC2021 "Start Coding" Mission 1 Submission Thread

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I want to start learning to code because I love the idea of innovation and society’s growth through technology, so a job with these topics is a dream. A 2nd cause is I can mix my career with code (I’m a mechanical engineer), and with these do new projects. Lastly, I love the stuff that has relation with computation and new technology, so I can create apps and video games that I have in my mind and maybe, create a new business.

Talking a bit of the reading I am interested in the roles of Game developer, game designer, web developer, mobile developer and product design engineer. I can't specify a one of these concretely because I don't know the specific role that I want to be

My goal to learn to code is less to 8 months.

For me, successful learning has nice fundamentals so I can start a new project, knowing what I need, what I know and what I need in order to complete the project. The other thing that Ithink is the amount of projects I have at the moment.

I can measure these progress through the certifications, the amount of projects,and the badges. For the moment, I don't know other ways to measure my progress.

My initial plan is to learn fundamentals and maybe 2 coding languages before 8 months. However these is not a strict deadline if not something i have in mind