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Fixed Web Redirect to Iplogger

When we enable Cloudflare on the domain, we get a 301 redirect to " " on every request, this happens not only on but also on many of our other websites, though not all.

For example, from computer A using Windows , we get this redirect, but from computer B using Mac OS we don't. This is unprecedented, it started on 01 january 2023. Anyone know what could happen?

When Do Redirects Occur?
This only happens when your website user/visitor agent is using Windows operating system . If you use another user agent (even the same browser on a different platform ), everything works correctly.

What Causes a 301 Redirect to
We have done all the testing and checking. We thought the problem was in the Computer that had been infiltrated with malware, but it wasn't. But on the side of the Cloudflare account that has been controlled by someone else via the API .

How to Fix Web Redirect to iplogger

  1. Go to dashboard Cloudflare and choose your website
  2. Di sidebar, pilih "Redirect rules" di menu "Rules".
  3. If there are rules / " Rules " that you don't recognize, delete those Rules.
  4. To see the details, click "Edit".

We suggest changing the password and using 2-factor authentication. Then delete all active sessions other than your device. And delete all Rules that you didn't create in Cloudflare's Redirect rules settings . Finally, review the audit logs : To access the logs on the Cloudflare dashboard, login to the Cloudflare dashboard, go to Manage Account > Audit Logs. I hope this helps.

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