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Turing Launches a Global, Career-Centric Community for Developers

Turing, an AI-powered, international platform that connects software developers with high-quality, long-term, remote U.S. jobs, announced today the launch of Turing Community: a global career-centric community exclusively for developers.

Turing is building a diverse community, free and open to all developers worldwide. The community helps developers with job preparation, upskilling and reskilling, English communication and personal development, and mentoring, among other perks. Through this initiative, the company aims to build a safe space for developers to grow, seek guidance from experts, and progress in their careers.

With over 1 million developers signed up on Turing, the launch of a career-centric developer community will further strengthen the company’s mission to help solve the challenges faced by software developers globally. The community plans to host a range of events including the Women’s Mentoring Circle, Rethinking the Developer Career Path, and AMA Sessions with Senior Developers, amongst others. These events will equip developers with the necessary knowledge and tools to advance through their careers.

Furthermore, the Turing Community aims to help developers form deep relationships with fellow developers, seek advice from industry veterans, and create positive experiences.

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