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Attention to Detail

It’s been quite an adventure so far at Perpetual Education. I appreciate many things about this mentorship and the help Derek is giving us, but for today I’d like to focus on details. That is, the importance of paying close attention to the details in coding and web development. Earlier in my writing series, I talked about writing as a way to avoid missing critical details. Think of this as a sort of extension of the prior.

Avoid Overlooking the Little Things

Part of the ongoing process at our mentorship is the creation of our portfolio. This could be in the form of a landing page, a multi-link site, etc. It’s up to us to use the tools Derek teaches us and craft something wonderful (and, of course, working together to bring it to life!).

When we’re excited to create a page that showcases what we’re capable of, it’s easy to want to move quickly toward the final product. This is where things can get sloppy if we act with haste rather than precision.

When writing your code, take your time and pay attention to the details! You might complete an HTML page only to find that you missed a closing tag somewhere along the way.

More Than One Pair of Eyes

Of course, no one is perfect, so it helps to have someone look over your code even after you’ve examined it thoroughly. That second set of eyes doesn’t have to be human, either; run your code through a validator to see what can be fixed. Got it right the first time around? Great! Even if you didn’t, it’s OK! Let it be a reminder to keep an eye out for the little things on future projects.

Happy coding!


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