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Ayu Adiati
Ayu Adiati

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#100DaysOfOSS Recap: Day 15-27

Hi friends πŸ‘‹,

I'm participating in the #100DaysOfOSS challenge by OpenSauced. Inspired by the #100DaysOfCode challenge, #100DaysOfOSS is a challenge for everyone interested in open source to learn about open source, contribute, or maintain open source projects over 100 days, starting on July 23rd.

This challenge focuses on growth. So it's about more than just contributing code. You can learn about open source by reading or watching tutorials, engaging in the community by sharing information and knowledge, or any other ways you find comfortable and doable. You can read more about how you can participate here.

You can follow my #100DaysOfOSS daily progress in my journal below.

100 Days of Open Source (OSS) Journal

Hey there πŸ‘‹!

I'm participating in the #100DaysOfOSS challenge with OpenSauced, starting from July 23rd, 2023. And this repo is where I'm keeping track of my 100 days of open source journey.

Join me and the community to explore the magical world of open source! πŸ™Œ

🎯 Goals

I aim to learn more about open source and improve my ability to contribute to open source projects and support the community.

What I want to accomplish in the next 100 days:

πŸ“š Learning

  • Learn how to find issues β€” especially documentation and accessibility β€” on GitHub.
  • Learn to spot issue(s) in repositories and write good issue(s).
  • Learn to write a better pull request.
  • Learn more about git commands.
  • Learn about GitHub Action.

✨ Action

  • Contribute to open source projects. I don't set any goals on how many projects, but I want to contribute…

βœ… Recap: Day 15-27

Learning and Supports

During this period, I focused more on writing blog posts to support the open source community and motivating others to dive into open source.


Virtual Coffee

  • I'm working on editing the previously improved Virtual Coffee Podcast transcriptions to follow the new guidelines and pushed them to a draft pull request.

  • I created three issues to update the content of community guides in Virtual Coffee and made pull requests.


I encountered some bugs and saw room for improvement when creating the highlights on OpenSauced. So I made a few issues on theΒ open-sauced / insightsΒ repository.

  • I created an issue to ask for a feature to order the highlights based on the selected date that now moved into a discussion.

  • I made an issue to address a bug in the calendar's responsiveness.

  • I created an issue to address a bug of avatars that are either empty or not the user.

  • I raised an issue to address a bug in the sidebar's responsiveness on the big screens.


  • Whenever I want to raise an issue, I always look for the same or similar issues and pull requests to avoid duplications. But it's still challenging for me to find them β€” especially when there are hundreds of them! β€” even though I used many variations of keywords. It is one reason I often hesitate to create an issue on a repository I'm unfamiliar with 😣. But this time around, I pushed through πŸ’ͺ!

  • Writing good titles and clear descriptions for issues is still challenging for me. I need to practice more. Now I make it a habit to create screen recordings (in GIFs) to make my point more straightforward when necessary.

Wins and Gratitudes

Final Words

If you just heard about the #100DaysOfOSS challenge and want to participate, there is still time. You can start now and join us πŸ™Œ!

And if you're doing #100DaysOfOSS, how was your experience? Do share it with us in the comment below πŸ˜„!

πŸ–ΌοΈ Credit cover image: unDraw

Thank you for reading! Last, you can find me on Twitter, Mastodon, and BlueSky. Let's connect! 😊

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Your journey reflects a combination of learning, community engagement, and valuable contributions to open source slice master projects. Keep up the excellent work, and best of luck with the remaining days of the challenge!