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Automated Testing Process

In the world of software testing There are two kinds of testing methods: manually and automatically. Both are designed to run the test and evaluate the result against the desired result.
To summarize manually testing refers to a method that is performed by humans to verify that the software can do what it is intended to perform. What exactly is automation testing? In reality, it is the process of conducting tests in a controlled manner as well as managing test data and then using results to improve the quality of software. If you're trying to boost your standing at work and increase your understanding regarding Automation testing Course, then this course is the right choice for you. This course will assist you in attaining the highest standards of performance on the job.
If you're familiar with testing, then you are aware that subsequent development cycles require the running using the exact test program repeatedly. This can be very tedious and time-consuming when you are doing it manually. But, with the help of an automated test tool It is much easier to create the test suite, then re-play it when needed, reducing the human involvement, and enhancing the ROI of testing.

When implementing any automated tool there are the following stages of the process. Each of these stages is a specific task, and each phase is a specific result.

Automated Testing Feasibility- Analyse The first step is to determine whether the application can be automatized or not. Certain applications cannot be automated because of the limitations.

Proper Tool Selection- The second most crucial step is to select the right set of the appropriate tools. It's based on the type of technology that the application is constructed as well as its capabilities and use.

Find the appropriate framework- After selecting this tool for use, next task is to choose the appropriate framework. There are a variety of frameworks, and each has its own importance. Frameworks will be discussed in greater detail in the next tutorial.
Develop Proof of Concept - Proof of Concept (POC) is designed with an end-to-end scenario to test whether the tool supports automatization of application. It is done using an end-to end scenario that guarantees that the main functions are automated.

Create Automation Framework - After creating the POC Framework development is performed and is a vital element to the achievement of any test automation project. Framework development should take place after thorough examination of the technology employed by the program and the key features it has.

Create Test Script to execute-, then analyze After Script development is finished The scripts are then executed, and the results are reviewed and any defects are recorded and reported if there are they exist. It is important to note that Test Scripts are usually version managed.

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Kuldeep Rana

The automated testing process typically involves the following steps:

Test Planning: In this stage, the testing team identifies the requirements and specifications of the software application that needs to be tested. They also identify the different types of tests that need to be conducted, such as functional, regression, load, and performance testing.

Test Automation Strategy: Once the tests have been identified, the team decides which tests can be automated. They also decide on the appropriate tools and frameworks to be used for automating the tests.

Test Script Development: In this stage, the team develops the automated test scripts based on the test cases identified in the previous stages. Test scripts can be created using programming languages like Java, Python, C# or using a no-code/low-code automation platform.

Test Execution: Once the test scripts have been developed, they are executed using the automation tool. During this stage, the automation tool simulates user actions on the software application, and validates the expected behavior against actual behavior.

Test Reporting: Once the tests have been executed, the automation tool generates a test report that contains the details of the test results. The report may include information such as