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Alaz Tetik

Hello everyone!

I've been working as a chemical engineer since 2013 and now planning and preparing for the transition to web development career!

I have some experience with web stack (JS, HTML, CSS, Node, MySQL, MongoDB), and know some Python, Ruby, Smalltalk, PHP, Java. I am a GNU/Linux user all the way for 15 years!

I plan to master first at React and front-end technologies, after that I will deep dive into back-end and work with Golang and Java, and in the end, software development in general terms.

I also plan to make use of my previous chemical engineering industrial domain knowledge into something with programming, ML and data-related areas.

Hope to share with you anything I gain!

Best luck!

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Kat Fay

Sounds like you have a lot of helpful and interesting experience up your sleeve, Alaz, good luck! You can do this! ☺️