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Top 10 Jira Interview Questions for Testers

In this post, we have complied the list of 10 jira interview questions.

What are the features of JIRA software?

Upfront and fair licensing policy
Get update on the progress of projects
recognized by many famous companies
Easily extensible and customizable

Explain labeling issue in JIRA

Labeling issue enables you to categorize an issue in a more informal way than assigning it to a component. You can then search issues according to the label.

What is Basic Search in Jira?

The basic search is better than quick search. But lesser than advanced search. It provides a user-friendly interface that allows you to define complex queries, without needing JQL.

What is the use of validators in Jira?

Validators is used to check that any input to the transition by a user is valid before the transition is performed. The issue will not progress to the destination status of the transition in case a validator fails.

What are the things not included in cloned issue in JIRA?

Issue History
Time tracking

What is JQL

JQL stands for Jira Query language is an advanced explicit way to search issues within JIRA. It consists of field, operator, value and keyword.

Can you modify multiple bulk issues?

Yes, you can modify multiple bulk issues by using option β€œBulk Change” option.

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