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What is VPN - Types and Working of VPN

In this tutorial, We will study what is VPN, Advantage, types of VPN - Remote Access, Site to site or Extra-Net and How VPN Working, etc.

What is VPN?

VPN stands for the virtual private network. This is a technology that establishes a connection between the public network (Internet) at the time of 2 hosts, one of these is a server and the other host. This technology establishes a tunnel connection in which data is encrypted and you know how secure the encrypted data is.

In this technology, the network is private and more secure because it works on many network layers.

VPN technology is a technology that connects different hosts through the internet.

Peer-to-peer tunneling protocol and Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP) developed by Microsoft employees in 1996. PPTP is very secure and it provides a secure connection between computer and internet.

Advantage of VPN


VPN provides enhanced security with authorized access.
The security of a VPN is very high, in which the data is in encrypted form. In this, no one knows about your data, what data are you sending from whom?

Less Expensive

In this we can make the VPN community establish by point-to-point connection, it is less expensive.
Its cost is very low, you can get it very easily.


VPN can be used anytime it is very reliable

Easy and fast to establish

According to wired communication that it is very fast in establishments. If you use wireless VPN then it will cost you a lot cheaper and you can also use it very easily.

Can be scaled

We can easily enlarge the VPN according to our needs.

Types of VPN

Remote Access VPN

Through the Remote Access VPN, any employer or worker can access the organization's network anytime and anywhere.
In this, the sharing of data with your employ becomes very easy.

Site to site or Internet VPN

Through which site, different offices of which organization establish connections with each other through public networks such as the Internet through Site to site or Internet VPN.
With the help of this, organizations communicate well among themselves and address the exchange of data is easy.

Extra-Net VPN

When an organization works with another organization, in such a situation, they can use Extra-Net VPN.
So that a lot of data can be exchanged simultaneously, in this the data remains in the middle of two organizations, the third cannot go because it uses data encryption techniques.

How VPN Working?

VPN technology creates a tunnel between host and server, through this tunnel, data is passed from server to different hosts. All the data going through this tunnel goes in encrypted form, such VPN technology provides double-layer security.


This is basically used to hide your IP address or change your IP address if you say and with the help of this you can access those websites as well, so your country is banned.

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