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Which version of Fl Studio to buy?

If you are wondering which edition of FL Studio to buy , you should know that this program is sold in four versions , and each of them has its own characteristics, which we will develop in this article so that you can choose the optimal edition for you.

In any case it is worth making clear from the start, that if you buy a lower edition like the Fruity Edition and want to buy a higher one, you just have to pay the difference. If you buy the Fruity Edition of U $ S $ 99 and then want to buy the Producer version of U $ S 199, you only have to pay the hundred dollars difference , the same if you upgrade from the Producer edition to the Signature or from the Signature to the full U package. $ S 899, you just have to pay the difference of U $ S 500 dollars.

To know which version to choose, you need to know how to answer at least these two questions: What musical style will I produce? and What tools will I use?

With these premises we will begin to describe the four editions of Fl Studio one by one:

  • Fruity.
  • Producer
  • Signature
  • All plugins bundled
  • Fruity Edition

This is the most basic and therefore the cheapest edition, priced at $ 99 US. If you are planning on making music with synthesizers and sample libraries only, this edition is for you. Although Fruity has the limitation of not allowing the use of audio clips or having an audio editor like Edison , which can limit you in recording vocals, as it is not one of its functions in this version.

This limitation of recording vocals can strike you if you use many external recordings such as microphones or if you want to record guitars , vocals or an external piano . This problem won't be useful as you won't be able to grab the audio clips and put them in Fl Studio Mobile APK.

However, if you only use synthesizers to produce electronic music and sample libraries, i.e. always use the Chanell Rack , this edition will work perfectly for you.

The biggest difference of this edition is basically in the amount of plugins it offers, the ability to record and the ability to use audio clips directly in the FLÉ playlist. This edition has no audio editing and recording and also loses good plugins that the Producer version has such as Sytrus, Maximus, Vocodex and Slicex.

If you are a total beginner , and just want to play, try the trial version and then upgrade to Fruity which is the most basic version, but at a minimum we recommend the $ 199 Producer Edition, as the basic one is quite limited.

Producer Edition

This is the most popular version, this edition allows you to edit and record audio unlike the previous version which does not allow it.

Producer also comes with Sytrus , which is personally one of my favorite plugins that comes with FL Studio, has loads of presets, and is easy to use.

We must add that the biggest difference between the Fruity and Producer versions that makes us choose the Producer edition over the Fruity one is the microphone recording. If you are a new producer who wants to use voices, the Fruity edition is not what you are looking for.

If you are planning to use audio clips but are not interested in FL Studio's other plugins and synths, the best version for you is the Producer Edition. The following editions are just plugins that are added to FL. You can also buy external plugins or add external plugins for free.

Signature Edition

It has the best plugins from FL Studio like DirectWave and Maximus for mastering. It has most of the major synthesizers, it has all the mixer effects like Pitcher .

The $ 299 version, in addition to the audio recording and editing functions , equalizers, compressors, some basic VST instruments and synthesizers that the $ 200 version already contains, this $ 299 version also adds an automatic tone corrector, popularly called AUTOTUNE and a manual one.

You may not need tone correctors at first, but sooner or later you will want to fine-tune the voices that come out of your productions, especially if you make trap or reggaeton music.

So the best version in this case is the $ 299 Signature Edition. The perfect edition is the Signature Edition if you want Fl Studio plugins, it's the best version of plugins like Direct Wave for orchestral sounds, Maximus for mastering and the vast majority of flagship synths and all mixer effects.

All plugins bundled

This is what you get when you download the demo version and it is the most complete version of FL Studio. It's the one with the most plugins, has all the add-ons from previous versions and more.

It allows you to record audio externally, edit audio and add clips. The $ 899 version is a luxury in my opinion, as the only add-on the $ 299 version would need to be complete would be the $ 150 Harmor synthesizer. So decide if you just want to buy Harmor and add it to the Signature Edition or buy the full All Plugins Bundle version which also adds several interesting synthesizers. There is no need for Harmor to work anyway, as there are other alternatives like Serum .

When you download the demo the version you are running is the All Plugin Bundle , with the only exception that you cannot load other projects that you have recorded in demo mode.

If budget is not an issue for you and you want to have everything from the demo but now you can save your projects, the edition for you is the All Plugin Bundle. It comes with all plugins in their native and VST version. This is very important because if you use another DAW or music production software you can use the same Fl Studio plugins in another program, which cannot be done in other versions of FL. In short, if you like the Sytrus plugin and have the All Plugins Bundle version, you will be able to use it in other DAWs, which is not the case with previous versions.

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This is the basic version of FL Studio. It includes the core features for music production, such as the step sequencer, piano The GP510 roll, playlist, and basic audio recording. It's suitable for beginners or those on a tight budget.

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