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Álvaro Montoro
Álvaro Montoro

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Selectors' Fight

Cartoon with a CSS class selector telling an id selector: “you have no class”. The Id selector replies “and you need to be more specific”

This cartoon was inspired by a joke that Jorge Baumann shared on Twitter (in Spanish), and that I modified/expanded a little:

I should have written an article about CSS Specificity to accompany this cartoon… but last week was especially hectic at work and wasn’t able to carve some time to write it (I will write it, I just haven’t yet).


Spanish version

I also started translating the cartoons into Spanish. Not all have an equivalent, but this one worked just fine:

Cómic con un selector CSS de clase diciéndole a un selector de id: “no tienes ninguna clase”. El selector de id responde “tienes que ser más específico”

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