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The Death of IE (webcomic)

I have been publishing a webcomic for four months: a comic about CSS (and web development) without images, all coded in CSS and HTML. And I’ve had a blast while building it. An interesting experiment overall (that I have written about and will continue writing about in the future.)

Today is June 15th, and what more important web event than the end-of-life of Internet Explorer. To commemorate that moment, I created a special webcomic, considerably longer than the ones I’m use to do. It is divided in three parts:

  1. The Death of IE
  2. The Necromancer
  3. The Return of the king IE

(Can you tell I have been reading The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings lately?) And without further ado, here it is...

The comic

The Death of IE

IE is dead. Safari and Chrome say "it finally happened", "let's get the others, pay our respects"

all the browsers are lined up looking mildly sad, Safari says 'we made fun of you, but you were always slow to wrath', Chrome replies 'IE was generally slow'. Netscape looks angry and says 'that jerk still owed me 20 dollars!'

The Necromancer

In a different part of town, a dark figure says 'Who dares summon the necromancer', and two men with the name tags Big and Corp reply 'It is us, we need you to bring IE back to life'

The necromancer asks 'IE back? but... why?' and the two men reply interrupting each other: 'it is a clients requirement' and 'it was our favorite way of torturing developers'

the two men reply interrupting each other: 'it was our favorite way of torturing developers' and 'it is a clients requirement', then they looked at each other worried

One of the man explains that it was not really a client's requirement, they just enjoyed seeing the developers suffer. The necromancer replies that 'there's no need to explain, you had me at torture'

The Return of the king IE

A happy IE is back as a ghost, the other browsers run in panic, Safari yells scared

IE looks alone and confused 'Hey guys! Why are you running? Guys?'

IE looks sad, a voice comes up from off-panel: 'dont despair, one day they will be happy to have you back and they will miss you. Trust me, I know'. It is the ghost of Adobe Flash.


It is fun coding these type of comics, but I need to streamline the process to make it easier and faster. I will continue the experiment for as long as I can (and as long as I come up with ideas.)

You can support the coding of this webcomic by becoming a patron on Patreon. Patrons have early access to the comics, get previews of different projects, and can have input on some ideas. For this comic, patrons got an alternative ending (last panel) and a slightly animated version of the drawing.

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