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Goals, goals, and some more goal

Before deciding to become a Software Engineer, I wanted to be a nurse. To be more specific I wanted to be a trauma nurse. I loved the fast-paced life, never knowing what is going to come through the doors. But then I saw how some of the doctors treated the nursing staff and I knew nursing wasn’t for me. Two years of my life down the drain… For the first time in my life, I was stuck, and I wasn’t in school. So, I just worked, and worked, and worked some more, until I saw someone coding on TikTok (please judge me later) and it looked fun. From there on I’ve researched, learned, and practiced coding and I can honestly say that I’m loving it! Right now, a couple of my short-term goals are finish the G{code} cohort, go to a coding bootcamp, GRADUATE said bootcamp, and find a job as a software engineer. My ultimate long-term goal would be becoming a SR Software Engineer at Disney 🏰🐭

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Lauren Fosgett

I think I first learned about coding through Facebook of all places! No shame in getting inspired and kudos for getting started on your journey!

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that's cool. best of luck for future learning.