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Amanda Lynn

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Coding Goals

So, I guess you can consider this my introduction to the coding world. I actually started learning to code in college when I took an 'Intro to Programming' course which focused heavily on object oriented programming languages such as C++. At that time, it was just an alternative class I took to get out of enrolling in Math, my arch nemesis.

I never thought I would ever pursue it as a career option even after the semester concluded and the class was over. However, it was actually that class that showed me I could enjoy doing something I found personally difficult (unlike Math, my arch nemesis).

So here we are some years later, and, when I think about coding, the "difficulty" intimidates me but I'm still excited to learn more. I "fear", no matter the effort, I'll never be as good as I want to be but I still jump at every chance to improve my skills.

Now, I'm learning HTML, CSS and JavaScript. I'm taking it slow and being intentional about not overwhelming myself. Working fulltime and learning on your own can be challenging and, unfortunately, I can't commit to a 40+ hour a week coding bootcamp right now. However, my hope is by using the free resources at my disposal and carving out a bit of time each week to focus on improving my skills, that will be enough.

I hope to gain an internship or apprenticeship at some point and learn on the job. I believe that will benefit me greatly. And, in time, maybe I, too, can call myself a Software Engineer.

That being said, "Hello World!" Let's get started...

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Kingsley Odibendi

It gets better

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Love this, thank you for sharing!