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2024 Leaders: 15 Top Insurance Software Development Companies


The insurance sector stands at a critical crossroads, driven by rapid technological advancements and shifting market dynamics. A McKinsey report has highlighted a noticeable increase in operational costs as a percentage of revenue for life insurance companies since 2003, emphasizing the urgent need for improved efficiency and innovation. Deloitte's insights into the industry point to the disruptive potential of new technologies such as AI and blockchain, suggesting that adaptation is crucial for competitive survival. Furthermore, Accenture's research underscores a significant rise in industry disruption from 2017 to 2022, spotlighting the vital importance of embracing digital transformation strategies for succeeding in today's business landscape.

This guide aims to assist organizations in finding the most suitable insurance software development partner. By evaluating potential collaborators on their technical expertise, familiarity with the insurance industry, and ability to innovate, we seek to provide a comprehensive resource that will help companies navigate the complexities of a rapidly evolving market.

Top Insurance Software Development Companies in 2024

The domain of insurance software programming is characterized by a rich variety of specialists, each focusing on different technologies and methodologies to meet the specific requirements of the insurance world. From enhancing operational efficiencies and customer interactions to utilizing big data for more informed decision-making, these firms are spearheading the digital revolution within the insurance industry. In the following sections, we delve into an in-depth look at some of the key players in this space:

1. Mobilunity

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Mobilunity specializes in software development and consulting outsourcing, with a strong emphasis on insurance industry solutions. They link clients with expert professionals for both web and mobile application projects, offering a range of engagement models from dedicated teams to part-time specialists to suit various project scopes. Recognized for its achievements in the InsurTech arena, Mobilunity utilizes cutting-edge technology and strategies. Their approach is dedicated to fulfilling clients' business aims, providing impactful solutions in the dynamic insurance market.

2. Applied Systems

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A front-runner in driving digital innovation, Applied Systems aims to bolster communication within companies and with their clientele. They are leaders in employing advanced technology to simplify business operations and enhance the customer experience.

3. ISI Enterprise

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With a deep-rooted history in transforming insurance business methodologies, ISI Enterprise initially focused on property and casualty insurance but has since broadened its services across the industry, emphasizing extensive coverage solutions.

4. Chetu

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Chetu stands out for its custom software development offerings, creating bespoke solutions by closely understanding each client's unique business challenges, thus distinguishing itself in the provision of custom insurance software.

5. Fortifier

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Dedicated to optimizing insurance processes and cutting operational costs, Fortifier emphasizes risk management and efficiency by integrating technologies like cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and machine learning.

6. VelveTech

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VelveTech is committed to digital innovation, enhancing user experience, and ensuring compliance in their insurance software solutions, aiming to address the contemporary needs of the insurance industry.

7. 9series

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9series is known for developing custom technology solutions, including enterprise mobility and web development, with a focus on providing high-quality services and bespoke solutions tailored to the insurance industry.

8. Sapiens

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Sapiens offers a comprehensive suite of software solutions for the insurance sector, covering areas such as property and casualty, life insurance, and reinsurance, with a dedication to offering complete, core, data, and digital solutions.

9. Sapphire Software Solutions

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An ISO-certified company, Sapphire Software Solutions provides a wide range of IT services and solutions, with a special focus on meeting the specific needs of the insurance industry, from the development phase to deployment.

10. Webner

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Renowned for creating top-tier insurance agency management systems, Webner offers automation solutions and specialized software development services designed specifically for the insurance industry's unique requirements.

11. Step Software

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Step Software stands out for its prowess in software development and security services, dedicated to creating adaptable and scalable software solutions that precisely meet the operational requirements of the insurance industry.

12. Ebix

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As a part of Ebix Inc, this company commits to the joint development of innovative technology strategies and solutions, specifically designed to tackle the distinctive challenges of the insurance market.

13. Tinqin

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Rooted in a strong insurance industry background, Tinqin offers specialized solutions and services to significant and strategic players in the European insurance sector, with a focus on custom software development.

14. Proglogix

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Proglogix leverages information technology to enhance business value, focusing on devising solutions that ensure a smooth customer experience within the insurance realm.

15. Eversoft

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Functioning as a Software Development as a Service (SDaaS) provider, Eversoft is dedicated to delivering comprehensive services from ideation to launch, aiming to develop solutions that are in line with the insurance industry's future ambitions.

Evaluation Criteria:

The assessment and ranking of these companies hinge on several essential factors:

  • Innovation and Technological Expertise: The ability of a company to incorporate cutting-edge technologies such as AI, blockchain, and IoT into their offerings.
  • Customization and Adaptability: The capability to deliver customized solutions that address the specific needs of insurance companies, showcasing flexibility across different insurance niches.
  • Experience in the Industry: Demonstrated success in projects and a deep understanding of the insurance sector's unique challenges and opportunities.
  • Client Satisfaction: Positive feedback from clients and case studies evidencing successful deployments and high satisfaction levels.
  • **Strategic Value: **The delivery of solutions that not only cater to immediate operational needs but also provide a competitive advantage and pave the way for future growth.

From a broader perspective, firms like Zego partner with significant companies (e.g., Uber, Just Eat) to offer specialized insurance services, while BIMA excels in providing insurance through mobile technology in emerging markets. Marshmallow and Newfront focus on niche markets with their innovative insurance products, offering private motor insurance and commercial coverage, respectively. This variety underscores the industry's ability to cater to a diverse clientele's needs.

The Importance of Tailored Insurance Software Development

Tailored InsurTech software development is crafted to meet the exact requirements of insurance firms, providing superior flexibility and efficiency compared to off-the-shelf options. This personalized approach allows insurance companies to automate and optimize their distinct processes, integrate effortlessly with existing systems, and quickly adapt to regulatory shifts and market changes.

By opting for custom software, insurance entities can harness advanced technologies to enhance data analysis, risk evaluation, and customer support, securing a competitive advantage and ensuring sustained operational stability in an unpredictable market environment.

Varieties of Insurance Software Solutions

The InsurTech industry utilizes diverse software solutions to elevate efficiency, enhance customer engagement, and streamline operations. Below is a breakdown of essential insurance software applications:

  • Claims Management Systems: Crucial for the entire claims procedure, from initial submission to final resolution. These platforms automate tasks, minimize manual effort, and flag fraudulent claims, thus expediting the claims process and boosting customer satisfaction.
  • CRM Software for Agents & Brokers: Key for managing customer interactions, cataloging information on potential and current policyholders, and automating sales and marketing activities. These applications support insurance professionals in establishing robust client relationships, managing leads effectively, and enhancing the overall customer journey.
  • Insurance Marketplaces: Online portals that facilitate the comparison and purchase of insurance policies for consumers. These platforms present a vast selection of offerings from multiple insurers, helping customers secure the most suitable coverage at attractive rates, often equipped with sophisticated search capabilities, online consultations, and AI-driven advice.
  • Underwriting or Quoting Software: Optimizes the underwriting process by automating the assessment of risk and determination of policy prices. This technology enables insurers to quickly and accurately evaluate insuring risks, set fair premiums, and increase the efficiency and accuracy of underwriting.
  • Document Management Software (DMS): Enables the digital management, storage, and access of critical documents. Essential for handling policy agreements, claims documentation, and other significant paperwork, DMS improves operational efficiency, ensures regulatory compliance, and enhances document security.

Choosing an Insurance Software Development Partner

Selecting an appropriate insurance software development partner is vital for the success of your digital transformation strategy. During the selection process, consider these critical aspects:

  • Industry-Specific Experience: Given the insurance sector's complexities, a development partner with extensive experience and a proven track record in delivering projects for insurance clients is indispensable. Such expertise ensures the developer can fulfill your requirements and adhere to industry norms.
  • Verified Reviews and Testimonials: Client feedback and case studies are crucial for assessing a company's delivery capabilities. Platforms like Clutch and GoodFirms offer comprehensive reviews from verified clients, shedding light on a developer's reputation, work quality, and customer service.
  • Alignment with Business Goals: It's imperative that your software development partner grasps and aligns with your business vision and objectives. Transparent and continuous communication is key to maintaining alignment and fostering a cooperative and effective partnership.


In the ever-evolving insurance industry, leveraging technology effectively is paramount to achieving operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. The choice of a software development partner should be based on their domain-specific expertise, positive client feedback, and alignment with your business objectives. Embracing custom insurance software and understanding the spectrum of available solutions positions insurance firms for success. As the digital environment progresses, companies that skillfully integrate innovative technologies will distinguish themselves, enhancing their offerings and addressing the dynamic needs of their clientele.

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