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100 blog topic ideas for your next article - No more writers block

A stumbling block for almost all aspiring writers is what should I write about? Writers block prevents a lot of writers from creating articles because they just can't think of something good to write about. I have put together a list of 100 blog topics that you could write about. You can use this list as inspiration to come up with ideas for your own articles.

Here are 100 blog topics to inspire you to write!

1. Framework X vs Framework Y

You could compare the differences between React and Vue for example.

2. Why I decided to become a developer

Talk about your transition into the tech world

3. Front-End vs Back-End

The difference between the two

4. Why you should become a writer

Reasons for becoming a blogger/writer

5. What I learned from looking for a developer job

Talk about your personal experience when you were looking for work

6. How to grow fast on Twitter

Talk about your recent fast growth and what you learned about marketing

7. How to build mobile apps using language X

Building mobile apps using flutter/react native/swift/kotlin/java etc...

8. How to deal with imposter syndrome

Tips on dealing with imposter syndrome

9. Tips for building a strong brand

Examples and personal experience on building a brand

10. Why you should join a bootcamp

Personal experiences on how it worked out for you

11. Top X ways to become a self taught developer

A list of items on how to learn and become a developer

12. How to build an API using language X

You could write a guide for creating an API using Node.js

13. A beginners guide to building an app using framework X

A guide for building apps using a framework like Next.js, Gatsby, React, Vue etc...

14. Here are X courses for learning language Y

For example 10 courses for learning Python

15. X best approaches for learning a programming language

For example 5 best approaches for learning JavaScript

16. Why you should be using database X

A detailed article on why you should be using MongoDB for storage for example etc...

17. What I learned after failing X interviews

Talk about what you learned after failing 15 interviews for example

18. What I plan on learning and who I am

An introduction on who you are and what you are learning

19. Fundamentals all developers should know about language X

Talk about JavaScript, Python or another language and the fundamentals

20. What I realised after learning language X, language Y and language Z

For example JavaScript, Python and C# talk about your findings after you played around with them for the first time

21. X good traits top developers have and how to be like them

For example you could talk about 10 good traits and how to use them to your advantage

22. What I learned from hackathons

Talk about your experience

23. How to use X CSS framework with Y JavaScript framework

In this example you could talk about using Tailwind CSS with React

24. How to make a passive income on GumRoad

Talk about your success and experience on GumRoad

25. How to make a passive income on ProductHunt

Talk about your success and experience on ProductHunt

26. Freelancing vs Full Time employment

The difference between the two

27. The difference between static site generators and which one to use

Talk about the differences

28. A day in the life of a software developer

Talk about what its really like to work in the industry

29. How to become productive as a developer

Tips, tricks and tools that you use day to day

30. X time management strategies to become more productive

For example 20 time management strategies

31. Remote vs Office Work

The difference between the two from your experience

32. How to persist your data

Talk about using databases, local storage, session state etc...

33. What you love about working as a developer

Talk about your experiences

34. What you don't love about working as a developer

Talk about your experiences

35. The best soft skills to have as a developer

Use examples to back up what you are saying

36. How to deal with burnout

Talk about your experiences

37. Why you should be active on social media

Talk about your personal experiences and reasoning

38. Where you see yourself in the next X years

Talk about your career growth

39. How to monetise your products

Talk about strategies that worked for you

40. Strategies for getting good at data structures

Give examples and maybe link to articles or courses etc...

41. How you deal with indecisive clients

Talk about your experiences

42. How to go from unemployed to employed as a developer

Strategies to get employed and into the tech industry

43. How I stay up to date in the industry

Stories from your life

44. People that inspire me in the industry

You could do some case studies on other successful developers and how they inspired you

45. Why you don't do overtime work

Talk about your experiences

46. Comparing web development to Wix and Squarespace

Talk about the differences between them

47. X NPM packages that you should be using

For example 12 useful packages

48. Netlify/Vercel serverless functions

A guide on how to use them

49. How to setup a CI/CD workflow with testing

A tutorial on how to set it all up

50. Getting into open source and how to be a good contributor

A guide on how you did it and what you learned from it

51. Best design resources for aspiring designers

A list of great resources to use

52. Best developer resources for aspiring developers

A list of great resources to use

53. How to deal with difficult interview questions

Give examples on how to do well

54. X tools every developer should use

For example 10 tools

55. X GitHub repos that you should know about

Do some research on GitHub repos and evaluate them

56. I have X years working as a developer what I have learned so far

Talk about your experience

57. How to improve your apps performance using database X

A detailed review on how to boost performance using PostgreSQL for example

58. Best developers to follow if you are a X developer

If you are a JavaScript, Python, PHP, C# etc...

59. What are code reviews and why you should get better at them

Talk about your experiences and how you improved

60. What is the best laptop for a developer

Do a detailed deep dive on different laptops and how they compare

61. macOs vs Windows vs Linux

How all 3 compare for developers and your preference

62. How to boost your memory

Personal experiences from learning

63. How to build 2D games using language X

Building games using JavaScript, Python, C# etc...

64. Building PWA apps using framework X

How to build games using Flutter, React etc...

65. Static vs Dynamically typed languages

Comparing JavaScript to Dart for example

66. Standing desk vs normal desk

The difference between the two and your experience

67. Why you chose to use database X instead of database Y for a project

Comparing a Sql and noSQL database for usage in a project

68. The best social media platforms for developers

Talk about the platforms that you think are great

69. How I created my personal brand

Talk about your success and experience

69. How I made X amount of money with a product I made

Talk about your success and how you did it

70. How I became successful on platform X

Your experience on gaining a huge following on twitter, YouTube, Hashnode, DEV etc...

71. Learning how to do web scraping using Python

A tutorial on how to do it

72. How to build a chatbot using language X

A guide on making a chatbot using JavaScript, Python etc...

73. How to get into freelancing

Talk about how you did it and how others can do the same

74. A tutorial on how to use AWS for cloud storage

Creating a tutorial about AWS

75. How to create CSS Art from scratch

A detailed guide on how to make CSS Art

76. The best developer browser extensions to use

A list of browser extensions for chrome or Firefox

77. How you debug your applications

A guide for doing debugging

78. How to create cool buttons using CSS

A guide for creating cool styled buttons

79. The difference between promises and async await

Your thoughts on the subject

80. A roadmap for learning a technical stack and getting hired

An roadmap article for learning programming languages

81. Your progress on doing the 100 days of code challenge so far

A progress update on what you have accomplished so far

82. How to build an e-commerce website using framework X

A tutorial for building a website using the MERN stack

83. The top X Visual Studio Code Extensions you use

The top 10 extensions etc...

84. How to network when you don't have a big social circle

Tips for connecting with new people

85. What you learned from a failed product launch

A story about your experiences

86. What you learned from a successful product launch

A story about your experiences

87. X steps to succeeding in a new job role

Talk about your experience from past jobs

88. The best company you have ever worked for and what you learned

Talk about a previous/current job you had

89. The worst company you have ever worked for and what you learned

Talk about a previous/current job you had

90. What you learned after using GitHub Copilot

Talk about your experience using it in a project

91. What it was like when you first started blogging/YouTube as an introvert

What your personal experience was like on the subject

92. How to add a CMS to your website

A tutorial for using a CMS like Strapi, Gatsby or

93. A cheatsheet for language X

A detailed cheatsheet for using flex box, css grid, JavaScript, Python etc...

94. How to negotiate when getting a job offer

A guide for managing job offers

95. How to collaborate with other developers

A strategy for collaborating with other developers on projects

96. How to explain a technical subject to a non tech person

Talk about an experience you had and how to apply it to other scenarios

97. How to setup a development environment

A guide for setting up a development environment

98. How you stay fit as a developer

Talk about your work out routine and how you schedule it in-between coding sessions

99. Tips for staying consistent as a writer

Tips on how you stay consistent

100. How to use social media to find work

How you can utilise Twitter and LinkedIn to get your next job role

Final Thoughts

I really hope that you enjoyed reading this article and learned something from it. As a content creator and technical writer I am passionate about sharing my knowledge and helping other people reach their goals. Let's connect across social media you can find all of my social media profiles and blogs on linktree.

Peace āœŒļø

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