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Discussion on: [#CNC2022 "Code More" Cohort 1] Why do you want to code more?

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I want to code more because:
I want to get a job in this industry and figure out if it is for me. also solve my personal problems as well as the struggles of others. helping other people is my value, as well as creativity and curiosity.

I know I’ll have reached my β€œcode more” goal when:
I know how github and git work, I have a routine and solved 3 problems this week. Also completing code newbie things when they arrive.

My top three assumptions for reaching my goal are:
i will not give up
i will not get derailed by other goals
i will not hyperfocus on something else (like knitting, i looked at yarn so much today it is insane)

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Hi Ann, I watched a video on Github/Git the other day which I'd recommend - at least I found it a very useful intro anyway :)

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Carlos-Rainbow coding πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’» 🌈

Another yarn lover! Let's make our hands created also virtually and not only physically, we can do this!

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Brandon Redmond

Hey Ann,

I also love to help people! I used to be a teacher and it was the most rewarding experience. Unfortunately, teachers are under valued and I am here to continue my efforts to help people, while also being able to help myself live comfortable and a fulfilling life.

all the best!

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Azura Dios

Hi ann,
Your goals and assumptions are very similar to mine. I was hoping that you can be my accountability buddy. Since I have the same problems as yours so we can help each other out.

If you think that can help you. Please folow me and DM me

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send you a dm on your website! not sure this site has dms lol

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Piotr Grzybowski

Hi Ann,
Knitting or coding hard choice :)
If you like to play a game and learn git branching at the same time I recommend Oh My Git! Github is quite straight so you should get it easily. Don't give up. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you. All the best