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One of the most important rules I learned after a year of learning frontend

Most of the time when I was writing code, I was subconsciously working according to one concept "If it works, don't touch it" which was really time wasting and a lot of the time frustrating. Now I try to code according to another concept "Think before you code". In this article I'm gonna talk about this concept and why it's really important.

If it works, don't touch it

When you write code as a beginner this is probably how you solve a problem:
"write some stuff then run it , doesn't work ? write more stuff then run it again, maybe copy some snippets from stackoverflow and so on until it works."
Even with css, you probably try different properties on the element and keep trying until you get the desirable result.
I have been there but I discovered that this is not a right way of writing code because most of the time you're not really understanding what your code does, another problem is that you're probably have some lines of code that either redundant or repetitive.

Think before you code

A better approach is by planning things out before writing any code, There two magical tools that'll help you make a good plan these tools are: a pen and a paper.
Say you wanna build a website, spend some time away from your code editor and start ask yourself some questions : "What colors or fonts do I wanna use ?" , "how do I want it to look on desktops? what about mobile ?" , "Do I want to repeat some style ?".
Think deeply about each question and write the answers, draw a basic shape of your layout, believe me this'll save you from repeating yourself and from wasting a lot of the time trying things out waiting for your code to work. Kevin powell has an amazing article about that topic(Creating a website - getting over the anxiety of starting with a blank file)

Applying it to javascript

Take you time understanding the problem and the relation between the input and the output, think about things you need in order to solve the problem, the data type you're dealing with and whether you need an auxiliary data type or not , write some pseudo code.

What if things didn't work after planning?

At this point, start searching to understand why your code isn't working and by searching I mean looking for articles/videos that talk about the topic that's confusing you, take your time searching until you figure out what's wrong this searching process will help you develop your skills and understanding of the language you're learning, and please never copy snippets of code without understanding them.

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