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Discussion on: How did you realize you wanted to learn to code?

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Alexander Bourlotos

This question hurts a little because I always thought that programming required calculus-level math. I was told by people who knew less that I wasn't learning what was required and it really put me off (this was back in HS/2004-6). Learning that it's not true re-ignited my interest.

I always liked messing with web code, but I didn't see it as programming. I wish I had a better mentor in my early days but now that I know more, I can't wait to get started!

I also want to learn how to code so that I can de-mystify it for others and be a mentor for others in the future as well.

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Maria Silva

Hi Alexander!

I'm glad you were able to re-ignite your interest in programming. I had been thinking about learning to code for about two years but I also had the misconception that you needed to be proficient in higher level math. Math was never my favorite subject. It wasn't until I started looking into bootcamps and reading reviews from people that transitioned from careers like retail to software developers that I was like "hey, maybe I can do it too." And now I'm doing it!

It's awesome that you want to give back and de-mystify it for others, can't wait to see what you do!