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Returning To The FUNdamentals

I'm sorry I capitalized the fun. Not a lot sorry, but a little sorry.

Anyhow, I've been learning web development for the past seven months or so and making steady progress. Progressively biting off bigger chunks and figuring out how to chew 'em and trying to get a drink from the information firehose that is the world of programming.

After a several-months long stint of learning about basic backend concepts (HTTP, routing, wtf is Express and how do i fetch() it?), I've wound my way back to some basics. Making a super basic HTML/CSS landing page for my dog (hi, Pickle!), working on JavaScript basics with some codewars kata, all that jazz.

I'm reminded of how much I've learned - and how much I still need to learn. At this point I feel like I have a few of the bigger picture concepts down. I know basic bits about the base components of the web stack... frontend, backend, I touched MySQL once or twice... basics, right? I've created a server and set up simple routes that actually send data to and from the frontend that I also wrote. I've styled some pages with CSS. Not well, mind you. I've quickly learned that I am no great designer.

I've take a quick tour of the whole stack, and now I'm back to square one - refining the fundamentals. Can I make my elements more semantic? My class names less obscure? My JavaScript significantly less obtuse? I can!

Focusing on the fundamentals feels good, full stop.

That being said I also started learning Angular... please send your well wishes and reading recommendations, I'm gonna need them!

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