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Alejandro Avalos
Alejandro Avalos

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Working in the new CSS Framework

Hello everyone, I'm Avalojandro
I am a FrontEnd Developer who every day I am learning more and happy to know this great world of programming, this is my first post and I am very happy to announce this notice.

I've been working on a new project for six months, this started as a hobby and as a simple idea, but while working on it, I realized the potential the project had, so I started working on it.


At the beginning of 2020 i published my first open source development project to GitHub, his name was Catto-CSS Library, that was a library of CSS animations that i created when i started to learn about the CSS animations and I was surprised by everything that could be done with the CSS, so i decided to start with something great.

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The project was published on GitHub and on a website, for months the project received a fairly modest number of visits but remained constant.
But one day I Google "Catto-CSS" to see if someone had talked about the project, and to my surprise I found a blog that talks about the best CSS animation libraries of 2020, and there I found my project, it was very satisfactory for me , having seen that at least all the hours that I spent working to publish the project were worth it.

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Thanks to this, my repository on GitHub began to receive more weekly visits :D

The new idea

At the end of the 2020 i decided to convert Catto-CSS Library in something more than a simple CSS animation Library, i decided to create a CSS Framework, so i changed the name "Catto-CSS Library" to "CattoCSS Framework" with CSS components, templates and more!.

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I have been working in the new project for three months, It is not finished yet because I have had to focus on the university and other things, but I hope to finish the documentation and the web this year, because it is the only thing missing.

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The Framework will keep the animation library that started it all 😺, the project is still an animation library, but when the framework is ready it will be updated

You can visit the current Catto-CSS repository by visiting my GitHub profile, there is the official Catto-CSS website. Remember that CattoCSS is an Open Source project.

Thanks for read, and i hope publish more about the project.

Regards, Avalojandro (

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