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Gregory Nimmo

Howdy everybody!

I'm Greg! Also known as Gregory (if your Mom and are mad at me) or Greggles (if you are my CEO (literally, he has picked up my nickname and calls me nothing else 🥰).

I have been on a wild ride to get to where I am now! I work at WeTransfer, started as a junior support agent, worked my way up to team lead but then switched careers and brought all my knowledge of our users with me to become a junior frontend engineer!

I started 2 weeks before corona hit and we went into lockdown... so, its been a challenge!

Looking forward to being part of this community! I was only dreaming of something similar last week, so thank you!!!

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Gracie Gregory (she/her)

Welcome and congrats on all your growth! Way to keep on keeping on despite the COVID setback. Glad you're here!