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Work without limitation: How programming helped make Ilon Musk the world's most successful IT guy

A short story on how programming helped Elon Musk become one of the richest men in the world and what he wrote in before he became a billionaire.If you're looking for where to buy parts for your Tesla , you can visit this site.

Musk is a programmer

_Don't let anyone limit your growth. Not your teacher, not your boss, not your parents, not anyone. Work without regard to limitations.
Ilon Musk is not only, as the memes say, an alien, but also the CEO of SpaceX and Tesla, as well as the founder of The Boring Company, X (owned by PayPal), Neuralink, Open AI, and Zip 2. This is the richest man on the planet with a fortune of around $275 billion. It's no surprise that such a man has become an ideal for many entrepreneurs and ordinary people. And how can you not admire a man whose one tweet is wreaking havoc in the cryptocurrency world?

"Few people know, but Elon Musk started out as a programmer. I bet this fact will please quite a few of my peers: Elon proves that an engineer can change the world with his code."

The first time Ilon Musk encountered a personal computer was when he was nine years old - it was a Commodore VIC-20. It took Elon three days to study the manual, which included an "Introduction to Programming" chapter. Then he bought a more detailed programming manual. It was all because of a love of video games that he had nurtured for years. Incredibly, he also completed a programming tutorial in three days, which was designed by the authors for six months of study.

Already in 1983, when he was just 12 years old, he made his first game. It was Blastar, a BASIC space shooter inspired by Space Invaders. Everybody can play Blastar here. Later Ilon sold this game for $500 to PC and Office Technology, along with the source code and copyrights. The company re-released the game to HTML.

Gradually going into business
In college, Musk's interests changed. For the sake of business, he gave up work on his PhD at Stanford and spent the freed-up time working on Zip2, a strange mix of Google Maps and Yelp. At the time, paper guidebooks were beginning to become obsolete, so businesses were going online, adding their information to online directories. One such online directory was Zip2.

In 1999, Zip2 was bought by Compaq for $207 million, at the time Ilon Musk was only 26 years old. Having become a multimillionaire, Ilon spent his entire fortune in starting a new business. Company X was to challenge the entire financial sector of the country.

It was a difficult journey, but it ended well: X merged with another company, and the famous PayPal was born. In the 2000s the company was bought by eBay, and Elon got most of the profits from the deal.

Next thing you know, SpaceX and Tesla have made Elon one of the richest men on the planet. But this journey, which could end on Mars, began with a simple manual to an eight-bit home computer.

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