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Eleftheria Batsou
Eleftheria Batsou

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30 Things the Tech Community Don't Like About University/College

I have attended a University, long before the covid situation, and there were many things I liked but also quite a few I didn't! Currently, I'm also doing an online master's (not due to the pandemic) and I can see different aspects that I couldn't see when I was younger.

Nevertheless, I asked my lovely friends on Twitter what are their thoughts... what were the least favorite thing based on their experiences.

What was your least favorite thing in University/college?

β€” Eleftheria Batsou (@batsouelef ) February 6, 2021

Here are a few of their answers:

  • Assignments
  • Being bullied
  • Books
  • Exams
  • Group work
  • Having to attend the classes
  • Having to listen to a professor read the PowerPoint
  • Having to memorize books
  • Having to wake up way too early (leaving away from the premises)
  • Lazy professors
  • Late lab classes
  • Lecture on weekends
  • Loneliness
  • Maturity of other students
  • Other subjects except for tech subjects
  • Postponing class last minute
  • Presentations
  • Slow workstations
  • Statistics / Maths
  • Studying
  • Stress, anxiety
  • The administrators
  • Tuition
  • Unrelated courses
  • Very long lectures

And some answers that are unique... :

  • That morning coffee with a weird taste
  • Waking up hungover and then promising yourself you'll never drink again, just to run into some more friends that tell you there is another party on....right outside your bedroom.
  • Hostel food (<-- wouldn't be easier and in the long term cheaper to rent a place than going to a hostel?)
  • Shaving every day (<-- this is something I don't get... as we don't have it in my country... you can attend the university however you like...)

On the other hand, some people commented their favorite things, such as the university library, the reading rooms and the good people.

Maybe the most *common * answer was:

  • The college itself.

Many people don't like the experience of college or university, they have bad memories, they want to shout "leave me alone" or "I don't need you, I have Google". Personally, my experience was ok but having the choice of attending a uni or not, with a blink of an eye I would choose again and again going to the uni. You can get so many opportunities... It's not only about knowledge but it's also about socializing and learning things you'll need IRL, like how to talk to people, how to express yourself, how to take part in real conversations, how to fight for your opinions, how to be disciplined, how to be alone, how to work in a team, yes, with people that you don't like or you don't know, because this is real life.

What about you? What was the least favorite thing?

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aaron profile image
Aaron McCollum

It's funny how I had some of those same complaints when I was in school, yet now I somethings think "man it'd be nice to be back in college instead of in the 'real world' "

I'd be curious to see what your Twitter followers say was their favorite thing about university